Basic Slot Strategies

Posted in Strategy

For many first-time gamblers, both in real life casinos and on Internet betting sites, the spillemaskiner online (aka slots ;P) are an appealing, low-stress and low-skill option. Especially compared to games like poker, slot machines give you a chance to test your luck and win some money without requiring a lot of experience. However, even though slots are a more accessible game with a less steep learning curve, there are still some strategies for slot play that can increase your chances of success.


One strategy is to always look for the slot machines with the highest payouts. Online, this information should be fairly easy to find, with payouts usually ranging from 70% and percentages in the high 90s. Needless to say, a machine with a 98% payout rate is giving much better odds of winning than one with a 70% rate.

In a real life casino, these high payout (or ‘hot’) slots can be harder to find. Keep in mind that casinos want jackpot winners to be highly visible to others on the gambling floor, so the machines with the best payouts are usually in the most visible locations.

The other big strategy for slot success is to always play at maximum coins. Different slot machines have different maximum bets, but you always have to bet the max if you want to be eligible for jackpots and other perks. In other words, by betting maximum coins, you will be paying more for each spin, but your chances of getting a big payout will make it worth it.

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